I believe that it is the function of artistic expression to touch people, to move them. The artist is the mediator between the invisible world and the visible world, making the previously non-specific concrete, the unknown immediate. If a work or an action creates resonance in the observer, the sense and meaning of the original creation acquire a deeper purpose.

A truly valuable experience.

Alejandra Nettel


Non-verbal communication

  • I train professionals for public speaking and non-verbal communication to help them achieve a better way of communication during a presentation, at meetings, job interviews, keynotes and in their personal life.
  • Thru a better understanding and knowledge of our body, we can feel more comfortable and self-confident when we communicate with others.
  • Training on our non-verbal communication, presentations skills could have a big -positive- impact in our daily life.
  • One of my main strengths as a trainer is that I go deep into detail.


With extensive experience as a radio speaker, I offer express courses for people interested in learning how to do a podcast or a radio program.


Since 1991 I trained groups and coach individuals, in all these years I worked for different companies, Universities, schools, Government.