Senior public speaking and body language coach & trainer

I train professionals in all fields to help them achieve a better way to communicate their message, in a professional way, being relaxed and themselves.

I can help everyone who is selected to represent their company for a small, middle to a large audience at symposiums, conferences, fairs, to give a keynote presentation, lecture, to present a paper, or to present their company’s products and projects.

The themes that I cover during a training or coaching session are:
How to prepare content, PowerPoint, pitch

The specifics of public speaking – presentations

Body language & your body language

Recognize your voice and how to get the most out of it.

Why body language is so important?

Thru a better understanding and knowledge of our body, we can feel more comfortable and self-confident when we communicate with others.

Actually, the way you present your message, your body language, determines 60% of the success and impact you will have on your public. The content is the remaining 40%.

Do not underestimate how improving your body language can enhance your career and personal life.

What you can expect after a coaching or training session with me?

At the end of the training or coach session, you will have the skills to present in a professional way, relaxed and being yourself.

And be prepared as one of my main strengths as a trainer – coach is that I go deep into detail and you will receive feedback that will be gold for your career improvement.

What is the difference between training and coaching?

Training means that you are in a group of minimum six people and maximum of eighteen people.
Coaching is one to one.

The languages I can train on are English, Dutch, and Spanish.

Since 1991, I trained groups and coach individuals, in all these years I worked for different companies, Universities, schools and Government.

The languages I can train on are English, Dutch, and Spanish.

I coached around 90 people one to one until April 2019 in Mexico and in the Netherlands.

Contact me to make an appointment and hear what I can do for you.

Online courses

If you do not live in the Netherlands, we can always make an online appointment.


For groups in company or location
In the Netherlands or abroad
Minimum 6 and maximum 18 participants.


If you:

> Prefer to work one to one

> Got an urgent presentation 

> Are a freelance speaker

This is your option.



I help people who want to start a radio show or a podcast to achieve quality in their project thru working with their voice and all the aspects of the voice, I teach the basics of the technical aspect, the software they can use to edit and many other details needed to achieve a personal stamp with their voices and content. 

I’m a certified radio and T.V. speaker. I obtained all the certifications in Mexico City in 1991, my license number is #18051 Category “A” Mexico.
In Mexico City, I worked in radio and T.V. as an announcer in the Netherlands I started working for Radio Círculo Dilecto in 2007 until today. The radio program is broadcast thru Salto FM. You can listen to the program here.

May 28
15:00 hrs

Elevator Pitch workshop in the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Rotterdam.

The workshop will be taught in Spanish.


Un foro de 3 días de:  Conferencias, talleres, networking, panels e inspiración. Las participantes explorarán las oportunidades y los desafíos que enfrentan en los negocios, al tiempo que reconocerán las contribuciones que hacen las mujeres involucradas en es ámbito.


Forum for Women Entrepreneurs es la plataforma para impulsar el crecimiento integral de las mujeres empresarias, emprendedoras y agentes de cambio.

El Foro tiene una combinación única de mujeres líderes, jóvenes profesionales, empresarias y fundadoras de organizaciones que participan para construir redes comerciales, compartir conocimientos y contribuir al desarrollo del liderazgo de las mujeres.

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