I train professionals on ‘non verbal communication” to help them to achieve a better way of communication during a presentation, at meetings, job interviews and in their personal life.
Thru a better understanding and knowledge of our body we can feel more comfortable and self-confident when we communicate with others.
Training on our non verbal communication could have a big -positive- impact in our daily life.

One of my main strengths as a trainer is that I go deep into detail.
I give trainings either for a group or privately. The languages I can train on are English, Dutch and Spanish.

Since 1991 I trained groups and individuals, in all these years I worked for different companies, Universities, schools, Government.
I trained around 72 people one to one until February 2018 in Mexico and in the Netherlands.

The last five – seven years I’m freelance trainer at the following companies:

Tracé Academy
The High Tech Institute
Settles, Savenije & Friedrich BV